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External Honed Concrete

Honed Concrete refers to the level of surface refinement or surface texture created by cutting back the concrete top layer with purpose designed floor resurfacing equipment using a selection of metal bonded diamond abrasive. Quite often called polished concrete, grind and seal and external polished concrete by mistake, we will take this opportunity to clarify the points of difference – Honed Concrete has 2 or 3 refinement levels compared with 8, 10 or 12 refinement levels for Polished Concrete.

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Concrete Curing

Concrete Curing & Polished Concrete 1 MAY, 2017 Concrete Curing for Industrial Look Polished Concrete – Liquid film forming or …

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Polished Concrete with no Stone Showing – Industrial Look

DURABLE CONCRETE POLISHING HiPERFLOOR is a complete concrete surface finishing system and Husqvarna product brand. The HiPERFLOOR system enhances the …

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