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MAY, 2017

Concrete Curing for Industrial Look Polished Concrete – Liquid film forming or Cure and Seal?

Concrete Curing for Industrial Look Polished Concrete – Liquid film forming or Cure and Seal?
Concrete curing quality varies for many reasons, product type, rate of application or possibly concrete finish condition play a part in achieving optimum results. While old school methods to aid concrete curing process work very well, they delay access and follow on phases. These proven methods are mentioned in specifications today, but are rarely used. Further information on concrete curing can be sourced here. Australian Standard AS 3799 – 1998, Curing Compounds for Concrete refers to materials, application and associated standards.
One key factor that is overlooked with high quality concrete flat work is the type of concrete curing that is usually specified and the inconsistent application of the curing liquid. Concrete Cure and Seal must not be specified for when an industrial concrete polishing treatment is to carried out period. Now, as for dissipating type film forming cure, they are either walked off or break down from UV light, apparently. Well, this is yet to be seen in all the years of working with concrete surfaces. Liquid film forming and cure and seal concrete curing treatments have there place, but do not allow liquid densifier to penetrate and aid the mechanical polishing process without courser preparatory grinding works. Hence the problematic deterioration with high quality concrete flat work flat work that has had a mechanically refined polishing system.
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