Designed Polished Concrete Floors

Our in-house, tailored polished concrete solution. For an architecturally-designed finish to suit all budgets.

Your vision, our designer solution

Designed Polished Concrete Floor System (DPC) is Ultimate Floors’ in-house developed range of polished floor solutions.
With the increasing ecological aspects we all face and demand for environmentally responsible building practices, our process developer, Adam Heaton with staff input has for some time played a part in alternative construction floor finishes. As the interest and benefits of polished concrete flooring increase so does the variety of applications.
In meeting the demand for concrete polishing procedures, a total range that comes under our DPC System – Designed Polished Concrete, was developed over time to be adaptable for various budgets and when required, increased performance characteristics. Eco-friendly products and procedures are highly sought after these days. The beauty of what we offer is flexibility. With gaps in market and small offerings from fellow service providers, there was a need for a total concrete polishing and finishes range that was flexible, whereby the client can have control if desired over how far the concrete surface is refined and choice of surface protector.
The emphasis with developing this range of finishes, is every application is a little different and not all clients require similar levels of performance. With this in mind there are various concrete polishing densifiers and service protectors incorporated into a specific process offering a flexible range of concrete polishing procedures.
The DPC Range by Ultimate Floors can be tailored to almost any application including; Offices, Living Areas, Residential Homes, Schools, Garages, Factories, Retail Shops, Liquor Barns, Cafes & Restaurants, Hardware Stores, Hotels & Foyers, Reception Areas and many more.

The DPC Range of Products

Refinements Levels & Where To Specify

DPC Elite

DPC-Elite is our high end spec decorative mechanical polished application to super gloss sheen level with full aggregate revealed.

DPC Hybrid

DPC-Hybrid is a combination of mechanical grinding or honing with applied surface protectors. Surface protector is can range from thin film water based coats to high solids epoxy. We offer a various protectors with the end user in mind.

DPC Standard

DPC-Standard is a medium spec mechanical polished sheen level application with a variation of low to full aggregate exposure to a specified low or mid gloss sheen level.

DPC Hardfloor

DPC-Hardfloor process is for surface polish application with low to mid gloss sheen, predominately for larger industrial environments where cleanliness and lower maintenance is the prime objective.
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