External Honed Concrete

External Honed Concrete, where can it be used and how is it down?

Okay, fair question which we will break down external honed concrete in comparison to polished concrete in a somewhat simple format.
Honed is quite a subjective term as it covers a range of surface textures to concrete pavers, stone flooring such as Granite and Travertine for external use then you have honed for internal use, so as you can imagine… this topic has areas of reference. Now we will talk further on External Honed Concrete. As mentioned before, we are referring to the concrete surface texture that is the focal point. Texture refers to the level of surface refinement or surface texture created by cutting back the concrete top layer with purpose designed multi grinding disc floor equipment and a selection of metal bonded diamond abrasive. External Honed Concrete is often called polished concrete, grind and seal and external polished concrete by virtue of those who do not know the clear differences… we will take this opportunity to clarify the points of difference.

Slip Compliant

Slip rating is commonly over looked for most external finishes and therefore, is it highly recommended consideration on external decorative finishes such as concrete honing fall within; Standards Australia – AS/NZS 3661, 4586, 4663 guidelines to reduce the risk of injury from incompatible foot wear / surface finish.
Head over to the Honed Concrete Outdoors page for more in depth information and recommended sealing systems, optional top coat sealers and areas of use. More information on sealer types we use can be viewed here. Honed Concrete is overall very economical and very safe underfoot when the environments use in considering the design of the honing schedule and protective sealants.

Ultimate Floors can confidently say, with numerous slip tests done on the various concrete pavements we have honed, all have passed the minimum P rating successfully. We have plenty of information and standards in house about slip ratings that we provide clients, however you can view this Concrete Cements & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) PDF link.

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