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Polished Concrete Floors Designed For You

Creating and designing that perfect indoor and outdoor concrete floor for your home or office can be somewhat confusing right! Ultimate Floors are here to help guide you where possible. From concrete grinding for a home renovation to large scale polished concrete, Ultimate Floors works with in getting it done!

From Hybrid polished concrete, grind & seal clear coat finish through to high end, high sheen mechanical polished concrete floors…. you’re in good hands. First & foremost, our goal is to ensure 2 things early… choice of finish and concrete condition aligns with the flooring budget allocated. We also note the importance preparing concrete floors correctly as required per Australian Standards & manufactures literature.

In providing high industry standards, our estimates are commonly based on:

• New construction slabs or renovating existing
• Tailored Design & Delivery according to individual project needs.
• Job specific requirements and floor area quantities.
• Concrete quality & condition
• Adherence to relevant Australian Standards
• Installation & technical assistance by Trade Certified Flooring Technicians

Residential Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete to residential homes can be based on function, visual beauty or both. Our experience says, polished concrete is misunderstood as a cheap residential flooring option. Let’s just say it is where all the common floor coverings and their negatives are duly compared.
Covering your concrete floor with common floor finishes like carpets vinyl planks and floating timber or laminate all have negative aspects. Carpets are exceptionally susceptible harbouring dust mites & bacteria. Timber and laminate tend to swell & peak simply because they just don’t like lots of water. Furthermore, they are simply no longer an environmentally sustainable choice.

Complete Range of Services – Concept to Completion

• Mechanical Polished Concrete
• Grind & Seal Polished Concrete
• Concrete Honing
• Concrete Sealing
• Flake Flooring
• Epoxy Floors
• Polyurethane Floor Coatings
• Industrial Epoxy Workshop Floors
• Extensive Specification Drafting
• Consulting & Trouble Shooting
• Complete Floor Preparation
• General Concrete Grinding
• Floor Leveling
• Floor stripping removal & uplifting of existing floor finishes
• Captive shot blasting surface preparation a sand paper type texture
• Honing & preparing concrete floor for epoxy clear coat or polyurethane clear coat
• Concrete planing / Scarifying high spot reduction, evening up lips at concrete joints
Requirements of residential homes differ hugely. New builds pertain certain aspects that all parties have a design input where compared to existing homes. We are blessed to have a master craftsman in our corner to oversee and guide operators & those we collaborate with to ensure the one percenters of detail are hit. Honestly, the satisfaction that comes with taking a basic, pre-existing concrete floor to a customised level of sheen is something that continually excites us.
Ultimate Floors Grinding & Polishing has a long history in providing a range of durable and visually empowering mechanical polished concrete flooring solutions that have a proven track record. Our polished concrete floors are built with long jeopardy in mind. Clients have come back to us for additional services knowing the polished concrete we crafted has given them 10 or more years years of trouble free use and has been the best flooring investment ever. Simply, our mechanical polished concrete floors will support you and your family long into the future.

Commercial Polished Concrete > Supermarkets – Retail – Office

Traditionally, commercial areas such as office floors, retail stores and supermarkets to name a few have been covered with carpets, vinyl floors and ceramic tiles. These commonly installed floor coverings have many underlying faults with ongoing maintenance needs. And more importantly, the ecological effects these materials produce from installation and replacement waste in comparison to polished concrete will be an eye opener.
Generally speaking commercial spaces face high traffic, both foot and rolling items like pallet jacks and forklifts. This can be a challenge when it comes to selecting a flooring system The varied demands for a durable long-lasting, minimal maintenance and extremely low replacement {RE-POLISH} cost floor finish is solved.
Our mechanical polished concrete floors are crafted to be super durable as a supermarket floor or visually uplifting larger office spaces. Regardless of the requirement, durability and longevity, are exceptionally paramount to fulfill levels of performance traditional floor coverings will not provide.
Ultimate Floors Grinding & Polishing caters to both smaller and large commercial floor spaces. Whilst new build have there challenges, renovation projects that remain operational is a complete package we excel at. Understanding your goals leads to base recommendations to open the lines of communication to assist others with strategising their workflow.
Considering every aspect happens from the floor up, other services need to be mindful of this. Quite often our site project management is liaising with other trades to ensure timelines are hit. Furthermore, Ultimate Floors takes care of every aspect from uplifting any current floor coverings then weaving our magic to that existing concrete below leaving you with an extremely durable retail or supermarket floor.

Regional Area Specialists

Traveling and working in many areas is a different experience with its own hurdles each time. With this in mind we feel you should have access to quality concrete floor finishes as well. More recently we have completed commercial offices in Charleville and homes in St George, Goondiwindi.. We can additionally provide our own 3 phase power so operating remotely in an effective manner is simplified where site power requirements are not available.

Unsure where to start?

Take the journey to learn more on the various Polished Concrete Flooring methods – Honing a Patio to Sealing a Warehouse… Ultimate Floors has products and services for both internal and external areas;

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