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Commercial Polished Concrete for Retail & Supermarket Floors

How suitable is polished concrete for commercial floors? Commercial Polished Concrete flooring is the perfect all rounder for smaller, medium and larger floors. Performs exceptionally well in heavy floor traffic environments due to treatments that permanently harden the concrete. As a result, adds years of wear life to older floors without having to worry about floor coatings failing.

The whole process is very cost effective for new construction and even better for an existing buildings. Still thinking vinyl or carpet is cheaper for redoing older floors? Let’s just say this, concrete has to be at a suitable standard for directly fitting floor coverings.  For example, you have floor preparation costs for floor grinding anyway right!

So why not consider our expertise in delivering outstanding, durable floors for supermarkets, showrooms and larger office spaces.

Why should you consider Ultimate Floors polished concrete for your business?  

Above all, commercial floors with carpets are renowned for being nothing more than a dust collector. We know first hand, removed many thousands of square metres during our nearly 20 years of flooring installations. Allergens are also hard to remove.  Other flooring such as vinyl, is very durable but has one flaw. Vinyl is basically a thick plastic film and definitely not land fill friendly. 

In addition to above, most floor coverings cannot be recycled. Even worst… some of these floor coverings will take many many years to break down.  Our first hand knowledge from installing floor coverings and the issues stripped out flooring has. This is why installing floor coverings was stopped back in 2004. 

Simply Better Floors

  1. Polishing your commercial floor is a sound, environmental responsible approach.
  2. There is no other floor finish that stacks up to the low cost over it’s lifetime.
  3. Perfect for new construction – More design spectrum’s to work with.
  4. Mechanical polished concrete flooring can accept foot traffic after final polish grit… no top coating to cure.    
  5. Exceptional durability – Seamless – Simple to maintain    

Maintaining Commercial Polished Concrete

It’s really easy to look after! In fact, polished concrete flooring is one of the easiest floor surfaces to maintain. And best of all, does not need  harsh chemicals to keep it looking good.  Daily maintenance will vary in accordance to the environment. 

Larger heavy traffic floors for supermarkets and shopping centre malls is best looked after with daily cleaning. Auto floor scrubbers provide the most effective way to clean larger area’s quickly. 

Ultimate Floors commercial polished concrete flooring is designed to offer exceptional performance and value for money. Many great contractors are producing quality floors and this is why concrete polishing commercial floors is increasing as the preferred choice.

In commercial and retail premises, polished concrete flooring is a cost-effective option due to the low maintenance and cleaning costs.  And more and more  cafés, restaurants, hotels and airports are choosing polished concrete over other floor coverings too. Also provides a clean, fresh and professional image for your business. 

Installation Cost Variables

While a Class A concrete finish will offer the best outcome, existing floors commonly have more character. For new construction, our specification will say the concrete needs to have no more then 3 mm variation over a 3 metre distance.

Flat and consistent surface certainly reduces the time frame to grind the cement paste away for light revealing of aggregates. Following this commercial spec process will most cases save money. In addition, bigger the floor area, larger the saving.

In contrast, existing floors are often the opposite, especially where multiple flooring installations have been fitted in the past. Deeper preparation grinding is usually required. This may result in a higher volume of aggregates revealed, possibly more random though.

Common Process & Options

A particular Ultimate Floors Commercial Polished Concrete installation will have a minimum of 6 progressively finer grinding and polishing grit stages. An existing facility may have 8 or more grinding & polishing grit stages. We also offer a flexible approach to commercial polished concrete installations. 

To help understand performance qualities, we only use Husqvarna range of consumables and floor grinders. From general floor preparation and mechanical polished system including clear finish floor coatings in accordance with specification.

Commercial Polished Concrete & Installation

Refinements Levels & Where To Specify

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