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Commercial Polished Concrete for Retail & Supermarket Floors

Commercial Polished Concrete flooring is perfect for smaller, medium and larger area’s and perform exceptionally well in heavy floor use environments. The whole process is very cost effective for new construction and even better for an existing tenancy fit out where concrete condition requires diamond grinding for floor coverings anyway. So why not consider our expertise in delivering outstanding durable floors for supermarkets, showrooms and larger office spaces.

Installation Cost Variables

New construction, Class A, 3 mm over 3 metre floor flatness tolerance specification is the standard required. Flat and consistent reduces the time frame to cut the cement paste away for light aggregate revealed commercial spec process thus saving money… bigger the floor area, bigger the saving. Existing is often the opposite, especially where multiple flooring installations have been fitted in the past. Deeper preparation grinding may be required resulting in a higher volume of aggregates revealed, possibly in varying levels.

Common Process & Options

A particular Ultimate Floors Commercial Polished Concrete installation will have a minimum of 6 refinement level grit stages. An existing facility may have 8 or more grinding & polishing grit steps. We also offer a flexible approach to commercial polished concrete installations. Take a look our Designed Polished Concrete (DPC) – STANDARD range or HiPERFLOOR™ commercial spec level. Refinement is categorised as:
  • Salt & Pepper ( Small Aggregates ) – Lower to Mid Gloss Spec
  • Random Aggregates – Lower Gloss Spec
  • Random Aggregates – Mid Gloss Spec
To help understand performance qualities, more information on selecting a mechanical polished system and clear top coat sealer can be found in the resource & info section.

Commercial Polished & Concrete Installation

Refinements Levels & Where To Specify
  • Commercial Polished Concrete Refinement Categories
  • Salt & Pepper ( Small Aggregates ) – Lower to Mid Gloss Spec
  • Random Aggregates – Lower Gloss Spec
  • Random Aggregates – Mid Gloss Spec
  • Universties
  • Smaller & Large Retail
  • Showrooms
  • Office Floors
  • New Construction & Refurbishments
  • Also Suitable For Residential
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