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Ultimate Floors external smooth aggregate solution that is Australian Standard slip safe
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Regional Queensland

Versatile concrete surfacing process that will never fade

Honed Concrete to external surfaces by Ultimate Floors ensure’s slip safe surface finish. As a modern and furthermore versatile way to have an indoor polished style outside, transforming plain concrete to a reveal aggregate finish without the sharp stones is one of our most requested services. Concrete is an extremely strong, long lasting construction material that has proven to be a cost effective form of design for many uses and the perfect fit for outdoor areas around the home and public environments.

External honed concrete is perfect for a new finish and also achieves great results to existing concrete and is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Virtually any suitable on ground concrete pavement can receive our concrete honing process that is practical and looks great. Our recommended Honed Concrete process is also slip compliant, and most of all will not have UV light effects the harsh Australian climate is renowned for. Also, the natural concrete patina maintains its look and colour.

While it has become a popular alternative over other outdoor surfaces, many clients that contact us about grinding, honing and sealing external concrete have little knowledge regarding finishes therefore we’ll clarify external Honed Concrete and internal polished floor differences below.

Australian Standards Slip Compliant
Various Sealing Methods to Protect / Enhance
Patios – Paths – Pool Surrounds – Driveways
Foot Paths – External Dining – Building Entries

Honed Concrete refers to the level of surface refinement or surface texture created by cutting back the concrete top layer with purpose designed floor resurfacing equipment using a selection of metal bonded diamond abrasive. Quite often called polished concrete, grind and seal and external polished concrete by mistake, we will take this opportunity to clarify the points of difference – Honed Concrete has 2 or 3 refinement levels compared with 8, 10 or 12 refinement levels for Polished Concrete. Slip rating is commonly over looked for most external finishes and therefore, is it highly recommended consideration on external decorative finishes such as concrete honing fall within; Standards Australia – AS/NZS 3661, 4586, 4663 guidelines to reduce the risk of injury from incompatible foot wear / surface finish. Our concrete honing is typically completed at 60 grit minimum for inclines exceeding five degrees and to the most common 80 – 100 grit surface profile. Do keep in mind that honed concrete requires cleaning to ensure the surface is at the recommenced safe zone for foot traffic, especially when water wet. en choosing Ultimate Floors – Grinding and Polishing for Honed Concrete, in return we take your objectives and work through suitable options.

  • Alfresco areas
  • Paths
  • Balconies
  • Shop fronts
  • Pool surrounds
  • Council footpaths
  • Pool coping face
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Driveways
  • Precast Walls
  • Carports
  • Seating & benches
  • Surface applied coatings, or
  • Impregnating sealing system (non film-forming)

Our preferred and recommended method of sealing are impregnating sealers. They are very stable, have minimal long term effect from UV exposure, easily re-applied while allowing excellent slip ratings to be achieved. When choosing that natural concrete colour look, you can choose between water or solvent based and our most common selected colour enhancing impregnate sealing system that intensify the concrete colour. Optional surface applied coatings are typically solvent acrylic for low key sheen or 2 part gloss,urethane coatings; provide excellent resistance to staining and are aesthetically pleasing. When selecting applied coating sealant, areas that are either exposed to the elements or standing water will required non-slip granules cast on the coating face for acceptable slip ratings.


  • Water Based – Solvent Based – BIO Safe Technology
  • Colour Enhancing System (Most Popular Choice)
  • Water Repellent
  • Protection from Salt Water
  • Oil and Staining Repellent


  • Water Based Acrylic (Fair Protection)
  • Solvent Based Acrylic (Good Protection)
  • 2 Part Polyurethane (Gloss and Satin)
  • 2 Part Polyaspartic (Gloss, Quick Cure)
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