Epoxy Floor Coatings

Commercial grade, expert application. From workshops to garage epoxy flooring. Grind and clear epoxy floors with durability in mind.

Epoxy Floor Installation - Home or Business

First of all, epoxy floor coatings and polyurethane floor coatings Ultimate Floors install are based on durability for best performance. However, if you only need to protect the floor for a few years,  we’ve got you covered. Above all, will have you up and running in no time.

We must just point out one thing. Floor preparation!

Preparing the surface to install roll coat or high build epoxy flooring in your garage, workshop or even a driveway is really important.

Coating de-lamination or peeling is not an option with our resin floors. This also applies with budget roller coat finished floor. Ultimate Floors most certainly takes preparing the floor very seriously regardless of concrete floor coating durability.

Because we aim to provide epoxy coatings for concrete floors that last’s, selecting the correct preparation and products is a return on investment decision!. This is certainly important for long lasting floor resin epoxy applications.

Benefits of using 100% solids epoxy flooring



Colour Options 

Roll Coat Finish

Hi- Build Finish

Trowel Down Finish

Chemical Resistance

Solid Colour and Clear Epoxy Floor Coatings

Clear epoxy floor coatings are most suitable for concrete in good condition. Simply can’t hide concrete floor repairs. Consideration to how repairs may look would be discussed so you can decide if a clear epoxy floor coating resin suits.     

In contrast, coloured epoxy floor coatings are common for workshop floors and warehouses. Similarly, we have an application system to suit your performance requirements and internal decor.

Probably the biggest advancement has been with water based polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings. These actually provide very good performance and good resistance to chemicals. Therefore a key feature with water based and 100% solids concrete floor coatings is low odours during application.

Choosing floor resins epoxy for your home or business

With so many brands of epoxy floor coatings on the market, how do they stack up. Firstly, there are dozens of epoxy floor resins across the Australian market. So how do you chose one or what products is your  epoxy flooring contractor going to install?

Due to strong ultra violet sun light, lots of epoxy floor coatings discolour. How do you avoid a light colour epoxy changing to a yellow tinge? Firstly, epoxy flooring resin brought in to Australia may be of good quality. However, have they been tested for Australian conditions?

It is for this reason, we will always propose an epoxy flooring system that has been tested to withstand UV light. Working with Ultimate Floors will therefore ensure your epoxy floor coatings system can take the harsh aussie UV sun light head on. 

Protection Barrier

Want to add even more years to your epoxy flooring investment?… read on.

Selecting a polyurethane finish coat adds a very durable layer to epoxy floor coatings.

Consequently, polyurethane clear coatings will most certainly benefit commercial epoxy floors even more.

  • UV protection is further enhanced
  • Urethane coat take the wear load
  • Adds years to epoxy floor coatings life   
  • Gloss finish
  • Satin finish
  • Fast cure available for maintenance coating work 

What is most noteworthy with our epoxy floor coatings install is our guarantee. Quality control at each stage removes failures. Failures are lessons learnt. Hence we know what works and what will fail. Put your trust with us and we will return on your investment.

Have us provide a system from our premium resin coating suppliers. As a result, coating a workshop floor or any commercial area is carried out to our exacting standards.

Adding a urethane finish to epoxy floor coatings as a system provides increased durability. Ultimate Floors installs both clear and coloured finishes from a lunch room to an entire factory. Therefore enables us to complete both external and internal concrete coating work as required.

Products we install
  • Two pack water based clear epoxy coating 
  • Water based clear epoxy warehouse sealer 
  • Two part water based coloured epoxy 
  • 100% solids clear and coloured epoxy 
  • Two pack water based polyurethane 
  • Multi purpose water based clear polyurethane 
  • Spray-able solvent based coloured epoxy
  • Solvent based clear polyurethane 
  • Semi flexible epoxy coating
  • Single component water base clear polyurethane 
  • Single component moisture cure clear polyurethane 
  • General Warehousing
  • Distribution Centres
  • Storage Facilities
  • Vehicle Workshops
  • Aviation Workshops
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Large Retail
  • Car Parks
  • …and much more
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