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Budget and standard polished concrete floors with clear coating finishes that vary in quality

Polished Concrete Floors With Coatings

Polished Concrete floors with coatings is an alternative to highly refined mechanically polished concrete for both residential and commercial applications. As a result of suitable concrete range from 2 to 8 grinding and honing steps.

A chosen clear coat film sealer which becomes a sacrificial wear surface is applied as the final step. Grind and Seal polished concrete floors with coatings applied are most suitable for marginal or inferior concrete floors that cannot benefit mechanical diamond polished concrete.

You can find out more about the different processes at the polished concrete floors explained page here.

Although the results with sealers and clear coatings coatings can still have an awesome look and be an economical alternative, polished concrete floors with coatings tend to not have the ROI and advantages produced through a professionally treated diamond polished concrete process.

When considering a top coat sealer coat, refer to our flexible Designed Polished Concrete (DPC) – Hybrid range or Husqvarna HiPERSEAL™ which is process specific when HiPERFLOOR spec level cannot be achieved.

Refinement is categorised as:

  • Grind and Sealed
  • Honed and Sealed
  • Topical Polished

When choosing a polished concrete floor with coatings clear sealer finish, it is important you understand these coatings become the trafficable wear surface and will require additional re-coating at some stage.

Overall long term protection and performance cost will vary from product type applied and the environment use. Ultimate Floors offer clients coatings with various levels of life expectancy and finished film coat thickness.

Grind and Seal 

For smaller retail and commercial clients who may have shorter 3 to 5 year lease arrangements, grind and seal or honed than sealed installation offers protected concrete that will be easy to clean along with reducing floor make good cost when vacating the premises.

In addition, we recommend the application of quality products with higher film thickness to last the projected time. This will avoid potential rectification works and suggest this be considered when selecting polished concrete floors with coatings finishes.

However, an applied surface finish does offer a flexible approach when it comes to selecting your clear sealer or clear coating. Depending on the product type, some are available in both satin and gloss blends.

For residential clients opting for a coated surface finish, it is recommended the full honing treatment be conducted. Coatings applied directly to concrete rely on a secure bonding to stand the test of time.

Therefore is imperative the concrete slab is free of moisture, is suitably prepared and treated with liquid densifier to dust proof the prepared concrete surface.

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