Concrete Floor Polishing Costs – Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some concrete answers to some of our most asked questions.

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Polished concrete is quite often thought of as a simple and cheap concept. We have kept the Q & A’s simple to highlight what to take into consideration and how concrete floor polishing costs are calculated.


How much can I expect concrete floor polishing to cost per sqm?

Concrete floor polishing costs is the most asked question, read on for a better understanding how estimates are calculated.

As with any construction work, cost can & does vary greatly according to the desired process, level of refinement, and/or applied finish. Existing work can cost up to 30% more than new work. Job size, site access and complexity, edge work, stairs or any other restrictions are all factors in determining what the estimated price may be.

We are committed to working to your requirements and your predetermined budget where realistically possible. Something perceived as being complicated and expensive may be straight forward for us and what is considered easy and quick may not be that way at all. Easiest way to find out is to ask! Concrete floor polishing costs for areas less than 35 square metres are based on minimum value. Set up fees can apply from time to time.

I have an old floor. Can older concrete be polished?

Ultimately, you are only limited by the level of the concrete refinement necessary, as well as your project’s budgetary goals!

The beauty of honed and polished concrete, in particular, finishes achieved with Husqvarna  HiPERFLOOR® or our in-house specialised Designer Polished Concrete System… is the flexibility and customisation for each application and concrete floor surface.

For example; Extensively damaged concrete may not be the best candidate. Softer concrete can be very time consuming, requiring several to many additional treatments to achieve equivalent results. In these instances, we highly recommend our On-site Sample Service in order to determine what will be required. The team at Ultimate Floors will work very closely with you, your architect, builder and/or renovation team at every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome according to your criteria and prevent any potential issues or damage to surfaces.

We take great care to protect our reputation as a leading provider of high quality honed and polished concrete. So whilst we will never cut corners, even at a client’s request, we will ensure you receive the best possible advice and solution to meet your requirements.

What are the 'pros and cons' vs. tiling or similar?

The wide range of mechanical polished and topical coated concrete floor polishing costs offers varied levels of performance, visual appeal and maintenance requirements. Certainly, it is possible to put a process together to be comparable with lower to high quality tiles. The biggest difference is the ecological and environmental aspects that our products like Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR® provides while contributing to cleaner indoor air quality.

Grout in tiles can become mouldy, dirty and stained over a short period of time. That white or light brown grout you initially chose can soon become a dark brown, especially where pets and children are present! The porous nature of grout means it can become a breeding ground for mould, mildew and bacteria within your home. Polished concrete is a sealed floor system so these issues are simply not present.

Plan ahead and get indicative concrete floor polishing costs early!


I'm about to build, do I need to plan ahead?

Plan your project early.

Choose your concrete supplier, colour type and aggregates to be used. If there are to be customised features like glass, shells, brass, logos, feature strips and decorative cuts, consider arranging these features early.

Having a process specification drafted for your project is recommended to ensure you are getting the process being paid for.

At which point does Ultimate Floors recommend attending?

Existing concrete; before final painting and fitting of any new fixtures.
For new concrete, we offer two residential options;

  • (1) Dependent on process selected 10 to 14 days days for mechanical polished  concrete to 28 days for topical polished concrete ( coated finish ) after concrete placement for initial work then completed after framing stage.
  • (2) After framing – lock up stage: The roof is on and plaster board has been fixed and set.

The latter is our most common request and has proven to be a good balance for builder and fit off trades alike. For more detailed information on our recommended approach and why it just works…  get in touch.

For commercial projects; timing will be adjusted to in accordance to the extent of works involved, the construction program and determined in consultation with associated trades and Project Management.

Who is responsible for placing and finishing the concrete? Is this something you do?

Ultimate Floors are flooring professionals and leave the concrete placement to industry specialists, Though in saying this, would you use a concreter to install tiles? However, to get the best outcome from your design criteria early planning is highly recommended. We suggest a detailed specification highlighting the objective for the concrete contractor to hit.

We prefer to and are more than happy to liaise with all parties and advise on finishing requirements. Just remember, to get the best result please “CALL BEFORE YOU POUR” the concrete slab to ensure concrete floor polishing costs are inclusive in budgeting..


If build work is happening before and after your attendance, is there a chance the concrete can crack?

Concrete slab cracks can come from a combination of things. Slab design, concrete blend, placement, curing and ground conditions may result in cracking of some form and virtually unavoidable. Adhering to good design and having us place crack control cuts to relieve stress during the initial curing period will reduce the random aspect.

When doing a new slab, let your concreter know that the concrete slab will be honed or polished so they can add the appropriate precautionary measures in preparing and finishing your slab to required standards. Ultimate Floors are comfortable working directly with your concrete contractor / builder in order to minimise any risks and discuss precautions.

We’re think of something around our pool or patio area. Is it the same process?

External pavement work differs to internal areas and are in the Honed Concrete category.  As you can imagine, the steps in the process are necessary in order to ensure a safe transit surface when water wet and protect the surface from the elements for durability.

External areas generally are 2 or 3 grinding stages with a choice of 3 types of surface protectors. It is recommended, surface slip co-efficiency be considered when selecting a finish and suggest impregnating sealer be the final stage as to not alter the micro texture provided during the honing process.

We already have an existing floor solution in place. Can we still have Polished Concrete?

Absolutely, many fantastic outcomes have resulted from refurbishments. Once again there are many variables, knowing more about your environment and ideal result is the first step.

First and foremost, care needs to be taken when attempting removal of hard materials like floor tiles, timber or any other direct to concrete floor covering. Carpet and vinyl flooring are simpler to manage and therefore risk of damage is minor. Talk to us about your individual requirements and to find out about the care required for floor covering removal and general floor preparation.

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