Concrete Polishing Systems & Finishes

Brief comparison and overview of our different polished concrete finishes and what is available out there.

There is more to concrete polishing a floor then meets the eye!

There are a myriad of concrete polishing systems out there. This can certainly make choosing the right one a little difficult. And for the reason that many don’t know these differences, we have put  together a short brief for you.

If you need more information on a particular area, probably best to follow those links provided. So now is a perfect time to read through this overview of concrete polishing systems to the end. Guaranteed it will help you out.   

What is the big deal with these concrete polishing systems?

The big deal is, your expectations and the result may differ. So hopefully we can save you from all that. And furthermore if you take the hints we provide, you should be able to negotiate an agreed result before having your concrete polishing system started.   

Now we’ve brought the big deal to your attention, let’s dig in to this in more depth.

A few benefits that are cost savers...

Consequently, darker environments are greatly improved by increasing natural light lift from our seamless polishing process. Introducing more natural light saves electricity is great for the environment. Also lower electricity costs saving you money so this is no doubt a win, win.

In addition, abrasion resistance and strength of new and existing concrete floors are dramatically improved. This is done with silicate treatments. For example, Hiperhard silicate is an integral part for the desired gloss and durability.

Hiperhard treatment becomes a forever part of your concrete due to hardening of the surface.  Because  this silicate treatment is permanent, many years of service can be added with worn, beat up concrete floors.

Above all, healthier indoor air quality and reduced floor maintenance costs are just a few added benefits. So when considering a concrete polishing system, budget and expectations need to align.

As a result, Hiperfloor concrete polishing system  by the Ultimate Floors – Concrete Grinding & Polishing team is nothing less then top shelf.

Concrete Polishing Systems by Certified Contractors

With proven track record of Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR™  installations across a broad range of use over the past eighteen years affords first class finishes. Furthermore, Ultimate Floors is proud to offer Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR™ to those who desire a quality, world leading concrete polishing systems. There are three key Husqvarna technologies to qualify as Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR™ polished concrete.

    1. First of all, world leading dual drive planetary floor re-surfacing equipment.
    2. Husqvarna diamond grinding and polishing tooling and the important treatments of Hiperhard to harden and increase the wear zone density.
    3. Hiperguard Premium Enhance or Hiperguard Greenseal impregnate sealer as the final step to protect your HiPERFLOOR investment.

Likewise, Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR and HiPER TROWEL concrete polishing systems installed by the team takes your objectives in mind at quoting stage.

As a result, premium high end concrete polishing solutions are consistently completed. Concrete polishing contractors are entering the industry all the time. So why use Ultimate Floors as for your concrete polishing systems  contractor?

Maybe due to our proud listing as a preferred Certified Contractor.

Or maybe our sixteen years experience. 

Or for the reason that completed floors are still in use many many years later.

Either way, we know what we know and understand it is all about trust. 

In addition, we regularly provide feedback to our Husqvarna representative where improvements and education may be of assistance. Having your Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR™ project carried out by a highly motivated, experienced and certified contracting team adds benefits  to you.

What’s in it for me

You’re thinking right now, how will this benefit me! Above all, support, education and proven durability just for starters benefits our clients. So be mindful selecting from the mainstream Husqvarna Polished Concrete applicators.  

Furthermore, we our passionate about polished concrete installation and do not undersell our built in quality. To assist you, Husvqarna polished concrete has 3 categories which you can read a little more on here.

In addition, concrete polishing systems with clear coatings as the surface finish are alternatives. Learn more about the finishes here.

We welcome all project types and sizes and also offer consulting services when selecting other contractors.  

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