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Diamond grind large 40mpa concrete apron removing over applied concrete curing liquid membrane
Profile grind to improve floor flatness after stripping away floor tile glue
Fast and effective concrete grinding of large areas
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Ultimate Floors provides qualified & licensed trades people for all aspects of floor preparation and concrete grinding commercial & residential floors

From trip hazard reduction to warehouse size restorations – Ultimate Floors has a floor preparation solution from full rehabilitation for cutting away floor glues to removing concrete curing additives. 

First of all, Ultimate Floors Concrete Grinding Sunshine Coast has recently ticked off 30 years of experience in this field.  As a result of this, we are 100% confident in the technical skills and methods you have access too! Furthermore, we effectively improve the concrete surface when grinding away floor glues and floor coatings. Once the floor is prepared it is finally ready for your new flooring.

In contrast with experience there are six key points which is of importance.

Above all, being highly trained trades persons, no skill in the world is any good without understanding your flooring requirement. 

Therefore our wealth of experience and quality assurance makes anything possible. We certainly take health and safety seriously and implement  the Silica dust control requirements in Queensland.  

Once you have worked with us, it will be really easy to understand why we do things a certain way.  As a result of our motto, we are confident in saying Ultimate Floors concrete grinding Sunshine Coast team will be the only one you ever need to solve the what is considered too difficult for others.

We provide remedies for...


Whether you are building a new commercial space or in contrast, renovating an existing one, the quality of your floor preparation is really important.

The durability and presentation of your floor’s final finish is reflected from your concrete floor. Floor flatness is certainly the most overlooked area of preparation.

As a result of incorrect surface grinding, coatings peel because of this. Coating over it again seems like a good idea right? Doing that is really bad idea.

If the existing coating is peeling, that is because the base was not textured. Think of it this way. How well is paint really going to go on glass?  


concrete grinding sunshine coast


Fortunately, Ultimate Floors has been setting high standards for skilled concrete grinding commercial floors for years. We also take health and safety seriously on commercial and residential jobs alike. 

Consequently, Silica dust problems are not taken seriously enough. Many trades now have a duty of care to follow the rules. While we feel this is very positive still seems like many floor contractors aren’t investing in the right dust control equipment.

Below picture is of other tradesman fitting floor waste plates on a project we completed. While the personal PPE was in place, the vacuum being used was not fit for the task. This was even more of a concern due to the dust landing on shelves.   


dust control concrete grinding commercial floors


Concrete grinding commercial floors and the right dust control measures.

 As noted before, on site dust control is really important. For the reason that we bring this to your attention and highlight the steps we take is to ensure our clients we are up to date and relevant.

What is also most noteworthy, concrete floors should never be swept. All of our grinding, concrete shaving and shot blast floors are always vacuumed.

never sweep floor prep debris


Is dustless concrete grinding commercial floors really possible?

Yes it is. However, the correct dust extractor must be matched to the floor grinder being used.

Dustless floor grinding is really more like dust control. Because there are many under sized concrete dust extractors used with larger floor grinders dust is not controlled. Size does count and dust becomes impossible to contain. Effective dust control is all about the air volume. 

What we have seen more recently with concrete grinding commercial floors is cheap imported vacuums. Problem with imported dust extractors is this – they haven’t been tested in Australia to ensure they operate to HEPA H13 requirements. This is another area professional floor prepares have to compete with. 

Floor grinding commercial tenancy - Carpet glue removal & make good grind ready for new tenants


What does HEPA mean?

For the reason that we get asked this question from time to time, HEPA means High Efficiency Particulate Air. These filters are manufactured and tested in accordance to HEPA filter standards. In short, dirty air comes into the vacuum and the filtered air goes out cleaned at a rate of 99.90% of all particles. Efficiency of H13 HEPA filters removes particles small as 0.003 micron.  This exhaust air is cleaner then the air we breathe.

In addition to our HEPA dust extractors, we also run portable air cleaners. The larger units filter two thousand cubic metres of air an hour. 

So you can now see why the right type of dust control for concrete grinding commercial floors is so important.  You will see one of our A2000 air cleaners in the work area. Yes, it is another item to move around but Ultimate Floors would rather do things correctly.

a2000 air cleaner while polishing concrete

Our fleet of equipment for concrete grinding commercial floors is substantial. Besides the full range of Husqvarna floor grinders, we are fully equipped with a suite of HEPA dust extractors as well.

Regardless of what others aren’t doing,  we approach our concrete grinding commercial floors with seriousness. As a result of this, these dust control measures are costed in to each job. Just wanted to be transparent about this so you know upfront why we will always appear to have higher rates.



Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, the quality of your floor preparation is so important.

Modern floor finishes such as large format tiles need a flat concrete floor for a lip free installation. LVT planks are another floor covering to style up your home that are also reliant on a flat concrete floor.

The durability and presentation of your floor’s final finish is reflected from your concrete floor. What is certainly the most overlooked area in homes is floor quality. 

The process we use to create this super flat floor for large tiles is nothing more then experience. Ultimate Floors has no equal when it comes concrete grinding Sunshine Coast residential homes. 

Profile grinding to achieve this super flat surface for large floor tiles


Getting your floor prepared correctly avoids professional installers rejecting sub-standard tolerances.

As the home owner, you rely on trade services to follow industry standards. Likewise, installing floor coverings is no different. Unfortunately there are still plenty of rough and ready installations done. This actually has a negative effect with professional installers following Australian Standards guidelines.

How does this affect me as the home owner?

All floor coverings require a flat  and smooth surface to stick to. Because concrete is usually uneven, it is not suitable to stick floor coverings to it. Flooring installers are bound by Australian Standards for best results.

Professional installers would rather not be responsible for sub-standard work.  A failure to provide these conditions can compromise how well your floor covering adheres to the surface.  Hence the reason Ultimate Floors provides result based concrete grinding Sunshine Coast for home owners and builders.  

concrete grinding sunshine coast flooring standards

Why choose us for your concrete grinding Sunshine Coast?

Poor technical knowledge and understanding of what the floor finishing and covering sectors really need is a problem. There are many floor grinding services offering floor preparation who aren’t trained floor installers. Getting the floor right takes more then passing a grinder over it!

As installers and finishers with extensive field experience, fortunately we have learnt a thing or two about flooring. Also the effects contamination and moisture problems create can be costly to other building features when left unattended. Therefore Ultimate Floors can resolve all areas of your concrete floor in readiness for installation.

concrete floor grinding sunshine coast


In addition to concrete floor grinding, we also are equipped to do the following floor preparation.

Quality systems for...

Protecting your floor preparation investment.

Price is not everything. Lowest price usually means items have been left out. So it is really important you clearly understand what you getting done. Some less reputable contractors will only give you the basics which is cheaper. As a result,  you get what you pay for so if someone is a lot cheaper there is most likely a reason.

It is therefore suggested to fact check concrete grinding  Sunshine Coast contractors on their floor preparation knowledge and experience!

Good To Go?


New Construction and Renovations

From a single room to large warehouses and office tower refurbishments, you can be confident our field experience will take care of all concrete grinding commercial and residential projects through out the Sunshine Coast region.

Furthermore, providing the most complete floor preparation methods is aimed directly at being right the first time. Our highly skilled floor technicians will probably end up finding a cost saving solution. 


Where are our concrete grinding Sunshine Coast services available? 

Ultimate Floor Concrete Grinding & Polishing is perfectly located to service Sunshine Coast residential projects from Beerwah to Noosa, Caloundra to Malany.  In addition, we service areas  throughout the Brisbane regions for all aspects of concrete polishing and floor preparation as well.


Commercial concrete grinding Sunshine Coast services 

Commercial projects face many floor related problems. For this reason, Ultimate Floors also offers our full suite of concrete flooring services for under equipped regional towns and cities. No pun intended, just acknowledging that point of interest. Due to our floor equipment range, we have  completed all sorts grinding and polishing projects throughout Queensland. 

Likewise, you can find out if we visit your project area right here.

Onsite 415 volt power supply can be hit and miss.

Ultimate Floors would rather supply 415 volt power when it cannot be supplied at the site. This is due to hire generators being not strong enough for our machines. Above all, being self sufficient power wise allows us to operate remotely.  Poor site power supply problems are solved this way.

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