Flake Flooring - The Multi Purpose Floor

An internal – external seamless finish that is a hard wearing concrete flooring system for around the home & commercial floors

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Why DIY flake flooring can be a costly idea

Flake Flooring tends to have a DIY appeal for what seems to be a quick and easy finish. It is common to see cheap garage flake floor installs last a year or two and DIY kits with low quality resins de-laminate and peel within a few months. Furthermore, lack of intent correctly preparing the surface is the number one reason of failures.

Correctly preparing the floor is important, skimping is not worth a failure. Hiring a professional standard floor grinder, dust control and testing equipment need to be considered as well.     

We will cover preparing for flake flooring in your garage in more depth here or the jump link below.

The quality of the resin used will be the difference between an even thinner paint on your garage floor and a permanent epoxy floor resin application. Ultimate Floors aren’t interested in low quality floor resins. If we wouldn’t use them for our self, there is no way we are going to supply to our clients.

Please note… Not all floor resins are equal and not all flake floors offer the same durability!

If you feel have the technical know how and you are component with what can go wrong, fabulous. All we say is this, it costs more to get it right second time round and really not an economical approach.  

Our Process!

Flake Flooring is a combination of resin coatings to adhere and protect small acrylic chips cast in. The process has been installed for decades and proven to be highly durable. The biggest change has been resin technology.  Lower odours, choice for faster curing and a broader range of flake chip colours available.

Flake flooring is also known as seamless floors, paint chip floors and epoxy flake floors. However they are referred to, creating your one colour or custom layout has more options then ever before.

Forming part of the decorative side of our epoxy floor applications our first recommendation is the Sure Flake Flooring  resins and flake chip. Highly desirable for those who require an extremely durable non slip surface for both indoors and outdoors alike.

Ideal option for paths, driveways and alfresco areas around the home. Furthermore, removing existing floor finishes such as ceramic floor tile can be avoided. We can prepare and install directly over the tiles after preparing them correctly of course. Add hard wearing and and an awesome designer is hard to beat!

Preparing Your Floor

All our concrete floors or tiled floors are prepared by diamond grinding or shot blasting with attention to detail guaranteeing adhesion for trouble free installations. High performance dust extraction controls airborne dust whilst preparing the floor. Ultimate Floors does not acid clean concrete surfaces for 2 main reasons.

1)Acid Washing only introduces moisture to the concrete surface therefore delaying installation and increases the possible risks of coating de-lamination caused by an imbalance of concrete Alkalinity (COMMON CAUSE OF FAILURE)

2)More importantly, Our Environment. Acid alters the natural PH of soils even heavily diluted with water. Added costs to contain run off to drains and dispose accordingly is an EPA regulation. Further information preparing floors? Hit the blue link button below.

Flake Flooring Installation

There is more than way for the same visual result and therefore Ultimate Floors is an advocate for options and will highlight our recommended process. The standard Flake Flooring installation commonly done by others (not all) is commonly 3 components.
  1. Floor Preparation
  2. Wall edge protection
  3. Base Colour plus Flake Chip
  4. Clear away excess brad cast flake, vacuum
  5. 1 x Clear Top Coat.
Ultimate Floors standard Flake Floor installation goes further to significantly increase adhesion and improve performance long term.
  1. Checks for moisture & alkalinity levels (Advise on remedial works as required)
  2. Repair / patch divots & cracks  
  3. Floor Preparation
  4. Fit wall edge protection
  5. Clear or Coloured Primer Coat
  6. Base Colour plus Flake Chip
  7. Clear away excess brad cast flake, vacuum
  8. Clear Polyurethane Top Coats (1 coat option to save on initial installation)  2 clear coats is recommended, we can discuss with you in more detail where required.

Quick return to service garage flake floor installation

In addition to our standard installation, we also have our Fast Flake Flooring System for super fast turnarounds. Ideal for smaller garage floors, internal living areas, patios, driveways or any floor area where quick access and back to full use is of high importance.

The advancement in fast cure resins such as Polyaspartic have superior performance and chemical resistance attack properties. Key features of Polyaspartic concrete floor coatings are super quick cure for multiple coats in one day and therefore ideal when longer cure times are a problem.

Coloured base and clear finish combination for your Fast Flake Flooring installation will super durable and resistant to most chemicals. Yes, cost for Polyaspartic resin applications have a higher pricing though recommended for time critical circumstances.

Our Standard Flake Flooring Chip
& Base Colour Range

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