Concrete Sealers + Stone & Tile Protection

To repel water, Food Stains, Oils from masonry and natural stone surfaces

Concrete Sealers & Dust Proofing Treatments – Impregnating Sealers to Polished & Honed Concrete – Granite – Travertine – Marble

With multiple choices of Concrete Sealers to treat or protect internal and external concrete floor surfaces, which one belongs where. Liquid Densifiers and Hardeners are a very cost effective application to control dusting problems and improve the trafficable wear zone of exposed concrete surfaces. Concrete sealers and treatments harden, seal or protect adding years of service life.
Densifiers are an integral part of mechanical polished concrete. Various types of densifiers are used to dust proof, harden and fill the concrete pore structure.

Areas which benefit from the application of concrete densifier / hardener treatments are;

• Mechanical diamond polished concrete
• Topical polished concrete flooring
• Concrete floor to receive epoxy coating
• Concrete floors having direct stick floor coverings installed
• Pedestrian footpaths
• Driveways and paths
• Car parks
• Warehousing and Logistic centres

Concrete Hardening & Dust Proofing Treatments

Concrete Densifier contains silicate properties of various molecule sizing. Concrete Densifier all complete the hardening process via chemical reaction in similar manner even though their makeup is different. This chemical reaction is referred to as “CALCIUM SILICATE HYDRATE” or the short version, CSH. Silicate forms a reaction with excess cement lime building a crystalline glass like product in the concrete pores which leads to tighter concrete surface. Basically it is gluing the voids and sands together.
Concrete densifier may have silane or siloxane components which is most suitable for the treatment of external concrete surfaces to improve water permeability. All internal concrete floor surface to receive the mechanical concrete polishing process must be treated in accordance with the system being crafted suiting the condition and density of the concrete surface structure.

Impregnating Sealers – How do they work & where to specify!

Impregnating sealers are most commonly referred to as penetrating sealer. Impregnating sealers are designed to provide added protection and stain resistance for stone flooring, porcelain tile, masonry products such as horizontal concrete and concrete paver. Vertical structures of brick & block walls including formed concrete to be treated safe guard from water absorption and graffiti tagging.
Unless a colour enhancing type is of choice, there is little change to the natural patina colour of the product. They are Nano sized invisible to the eye when applied and should not be confused with film forming concrete sealers.

Products & Finishes which benefit from the application of impregnate sealing treatments are;

• Mechanical diamond polished concrete
• External Honed Concrete
• Washed Aggregate Concrete
• Broom Finished Concrete
• Pedestrian footpaths
• Driveways and Paths
• Brick, Block & Retainer Walls
• Pool Areas
• Granite Flooring
• Marble Flooring
• Travertine Flooring
• Porcelian Tile
• Limestane

Concrete Sealers For Polished Concrete!

Ultimate Floors applies both solvent & water based Impregnating / penetrating sealers. High quality solvent based impregnate sealer offers water, oil and food spill stain resistance. Up until recently, water based impregnators were mainly used for external concrete and masonry material. Technology advancement now affords water based Impregnating Sealers to virtually any masonry, tile or natural stone.
We commonly apply water borne penetrating concrete sealers such as HiPERGUARD™ Greenseal to commercial polished concrete installations as a mere cost saver though still boasts great repelling properties.
Sealing HiPERFLOOR Both HiPERGUARD™ Greenseal and HiPERGUARD™ Premium are included in all Husqvarna Polished Concrete and HiPERFLOOR™ system range, and must be applied if the warranty forms part the project requirements.
Other high quality stone and masonry penetrating sealers that are listed with the Australian Ecolabel Program are the final step for our Designed Polished Concrete (DPC) Floor range utilises ‘Bio-safe’ technology. Excellent resistance to staining from fatty food foods, oils and liquids are commonly achieved where spillages are cleaned up with-in a few hours. Bio-safe ranges as with all products are designed for certain application types.

BIO-safe Technology | Areas of Application

Polished Stone
seal pavers
Porous Stone
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