EXPERTLY Polished Concrete Floors

First of all, polishing a concrete floor seems like a simple job to some. For the most part it is for experienced trades persons. However the process of real polished concrete (mechanically refined)  takes many years of  knowledge to read each concrete floor to get the best results possible.   

Once you have seen how much care and time we put in to making your concrete shine, the installation cost will therefore be understood far better. 

Importantly, you are in good hands. With over nineteen years of concrete floor polishing behind us we focus on including close to three decades of concrete floors and treatments experience. This will ensure you get the most suitable polished concrete floor for either high end or budget restraint projects .   

Quality & Durability Built In

Creating and designing that perfect indoor polished concrete floor for your home or office can get confusing right! Ultimate Floors are here to help our clients through your concrete grinding and polishing project at all stages.

You have probably seen different polished concrete floors Brisbane and like the look but don’t really understand the differences.  Also our experience says polished concrete is misunderstood as a cheap residential flooring option. 

Yes, there are options for cheaper finishes to concrete floors in a great condition but it is important you know Ultimate Floors will always provide quality options unless you tells us otherwise. 

In providing high industry standards, our estimates for polished concrete floors Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast regions are commonly based on the following:

  • New construction slabs
  • Renovating existing floors
  • Tailored design & delivery according to individual project needs.
  • Job specific requirements and floor area quantities.
  • Concrete quality & condition
  • Adherence to relevant Australian Standards
  • Installation & technical assistance by Trade Certified Flooring Technicians

Residential Polished Concrete Floors in Brisbane

Polished concrete floors in residential homes is a really good choice. Not being bias or a sale pitch, we just  know the benefits from years of working with common floor coverings.

Finishes such as carpets, vinyl planks and floating timber or laminate floors all have negative aspects. Carpets harbour dust mites & bacteria. Timber and laminate tend to swell & peak simply because they just don’t like lots of water, dishwasher leak for example will result in having the timber floor inconveniently replaced.

Existing homes have many hurdles to overcome in comparison to building a new home. In short, the best time to do an existing floor is with other renovation work. As an example, before fitting a new kitchen.  

There are lots of small moving parts to make polished concrete floors Brisbane all work smoothly. In the meantime, get in touch to brief us about your residential project so we can advise accordingly your next steps. 


Traditionally, commercial areas such as office floors are covered with carpet. Retail stores can have a variety of floor coverings.  Supermarkets have commonly been vinyl floors. These various installed floor coverings have many underlying faults with ongoing maintenance needs. And more importantly, the ecological effects these materials produce from installation and replacement waste in comparison to polished concrete will be an eye opener.

Generally speaking commercial spaces face high traffic. Heavy wear and damage occurs from pallet jacks and forklifts. This can be a challenge when it comes to selecting a flooring system. The varied demands for a durable long-lasting, minimal maintenance and extremely low replacement {RE-POLISH} cost floor finish is solved.

Our mechanical polished concrete floors are crafted to be super durable as a supermarket floor or visually uplifting larger office spaces. Regardless of the requirement, durability and longevity are paramount to fulfill levels of performance traditional floor coverings will not provide.

Ultimate Floors Grinding & Polishing caters to both smaller and large commercial polished concrete floors Brisbane. Whilst new builds have there challenges, renovation projects that remain operational is a complete package we excel at. Understanding your goals leads to base recommendations to assist others with strategising their workflow.

Every aspect of fitout and fixtures happens from the floor up. For this reason other services need to be mindful of their timing with mechanical polished concrete floors. Quite often our site project management is liaising with other trades to ensure timelines are hit. Furthermore, Ultimate Floors takes care of every aspect from uplifting any current floor coverings then weaving our magic to that existing concrete below leaving you with an extremely durable retail or supermarket floor.

Range of concrete grinding and polishing systems including complete floor preparation services for new or renovating projects.

• Mechanical Polished Concrete
• Grind & Seal Polished Concrete
Concrete Honing
• Concrete Sealing
Flake Flooring
Epoxy Floors
• Polyurethane Floor Coatings
• Industrial Epoxy Workshop Floors
• Extensive Specification Drafting
• Consulting & Trouble Shooting
• Complete Floor Preparation
• General Concrete Grinding
• Install Floor Levelers
• Floor stripping removal & uplifting of existing floor finishes
• Captive shot blasting surface preparation a sand paper type texture
• Honing & preparing concrete floor for epoxy clear coat or polyurethane clear coat
• Concrete planing / Scarifying high spot reduction, evening up lips at concrete joints

Polished Concrete Floors Stone Exposure Levels

Industrial Look Surface Polish - Nil to Low Stone

Industrial finish is usually our most requested process these days.  This finish is also minimal to zero exposing of aggregates. 

Furthermore, a perfect balance between function and cost effectiveness and therefore ideal for larger areas such as warehouses, aircraft hangars and smaller to large retail stores.

Process relies heavily on the condition and finish of the concrete floor. Hence a blemish free surface is not possible without jumping up to the commercial finish. Regardless of blemishes, the result is a hard wearing floor that is visually unique.

Commercial Finish - Random / Partial Stone

Random stone finish is certainly a balance between function and uniqueness. Perfect for lower to mid- gloss finishes. Revealed aggregates are low to medium levels where compared to full cut premium finish.

Commercial polished concrete floors Brisbane is an indoor application for almost any new and existing warehouse. Likewise a perfect balance for retail floors, office spaces, show rooms and residential homes.

With performance properties built in that include a permanent treatment for durable long term use. Also this level of polished floor is commonly a low to medium gloss.

In addition to a reflective and unique floor, ease of cleaning and low maintenance are some of the many benefits Commercial Finish will support.

Premium polished concrete floors Brisbane is a high end application with full aggregate exposed. Skilled concrete grinding and polishing technicians create super flat floors. Generally completed at our medium to highly reflective sheen level.

Maybe your new premium finish might just get your friends and family excited as well. We must emphasis, a premium finish creates that “WOW factor you will be proud to show off. 

As a rule, you would select where high performance and a strong visual presence is more you.  Furthermore the ideal solution for most existing residential renovations. Also perfect for architecturally designed new homes.

Finally a perfect solution to retail showrooms and foyers. As a result, high performance and visually impacting results will be expected.

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