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Mechanical Polished Concrete Flooring

The number 1 “Eco Friendly” floor surface available

Mechanical Polished Concrete is a range of step by step procedures reducing the concrete flooring’s surface micro fracturing along with significantly reducing or eliminate years of wear and tear. Mechanical polished concrete such as Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR™ and Designed Polished Concrete (DPC) by Ultimate Floors is a total eco-friendly floor treatment process.

Concrete polishing, liquid densifiers and a series of bonded abrasive stages transform the wear zone producing varies levels of gloss and reflectivity. To put this in to context, take a piece of glass lightly abrade the face and the reflectivity of the glass is now dramatically reduced. This relates to the clarity and reflectivity of high quality mechanical polished concrete flooring. Reducing imperfections and correct densifier application enables the surface to be highly refined. In turn, this results in a long lasting high performance floor.

The flexibility and design medium for your project, facility and residential properties alike can in most cases provide the end user a mechanical polished concrete that is long term superior to top sealer or coated finishes.

Preparing and treating concrete to be a lasting investment takes many years and tens of thousands of square meters to be efficient and effective. Certain level of required knowledge and understanding the performance capabilities of the selected treatment and products separates the long term quality.

Processing concrete floor surface with various techniques and equipment is what we do, not all mechanical concrete polishing process are equal. Being long standing industry specialist with out of the box thinking, you will be amazed from the results that are possible and expected from industry leaders.


Concrete floor polishing is a craft requiring a unique skill set in its own right. Combining uniqueness, technological advancements with customisation affords us to be adaptable. This in turn offers a range of concrete polishing procedures to better suit the end users environment.

Certain aspects of the Designed Polished Concrete (DPC) by Ultimate Floors processes and Husqvarna Polished Concrete range may require a processing upgrade to achieve the desired outcome can only be determined from completing a project “Mock Up” for visual appearance and sheen level.

This approach is part of our project quality assurance and determines the concrete floor area to be transformed complies with selected process and level of refinement. Any potential concerns which may affect the visual component of the selected process will be brought to your attention along with suitable recommendations.
We can guide you through what is most appropriate for your requirements, simply get in touch via the form on this page or follow the jump below.

The Mechanical Polished Concrete Process

A 4 Step Process...

1. Job specific preparation,
2. Permanently dustproof/harden/seal with various molecule sized liquid densifier treatments,
3. Further dry honing & polishing steps to the specified gloss level required,
4. Protect polish surface with polish guard or liquid repellent impregnating sealers.

The Steps Explained...

This enables the process to be adapted to a wider variety of applications which makes our diamond polished systems finishes a clear front runner in comparison with film coat sealers for performance, function, abrasion resistance and life expectancy.

Concrete density and surface hardness are important factors even when coatings are applied to a prepared concrete floor surface. Early planning is important when choosing new concrete as a floor finish. Recommendations by your concrete polisher are important to ensure the specified finish is achieved.

Excellent results can come from a variety of concrete pre-mixed suppliers without handing over hundreds of dollars per cubic meter of concrete to get a unique look. 

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