Flake Epoxy Flooring In Mango Hill

 Seamless hard wearing epoxy floor coating system perfect for garage floors, patio’s, paths, driveways and throughout your home.

Looking For Experienced Installers For Epoxy Flooring Mango Hill or Griffin in Moreton Bay?

Locally based in Moreton Bay region for all your concrete coating and sealing needs. Durable garage flake epoxy flooring Mango Hill that will provide you many years of trouble free use starts with the really important attention too detail for preparing all concrete floors. Furthermore more, Ultimate Floors are specialist with both indoor and outdoor concrete epoxy coating finishes for commercial shops and offices.  

Your investment is a fantastic way to enhance your street appeal and value add to your Mango Hill or Griffin property. Additionally, businesses of all types can gain a great looking flake epoxy coating that is extremely durable.

Flake epoxy flooring is a seamless finish that is water resistant and an ideal option for external concrete. As a result of this, Ultimate Floors has options for you to customise your flake epoxy flooring in Mango Hill and epoxy coating in neighbouring Griffin. We believe in offering our customers options to customise their floor.  This is what sets us apart from the general epoxy flake floor applicators. 

If you are looking for a new floor finish that can be customised to suit your requirements, get in touch  with Ultimate floors flake epoxy flooring Mango Hill installation services to find out more about your options. Your brand new floor is tough, long lasting and can be a smooth finish or non-slip option.

Additionally, further personal touches such as a different base coat colour or have us add glow in the dark flakes for cool effects.

flake epoxy flooring in Mango Hill
The broad range of use for flake epoxy flooring allows for both residential and commercial installations. Whether it is your garage floor, a patio or the driveway concrete, Ultimate Floors focuses on fit for purpose epoxy floors. As a result, your return on investment is guaranteed.

Preparing The Floor For Epoxy Coating in Mango Hill

Correctly preparing your flake epoxy flooring in Mango Hill or any external concrete surface is really important. Unless it is 100% contaminant free, is sound with no surface dusting problems, the floor is not fully prepared and ready for garage flake epoxy flooring?

Furthermore, using acid as  the preparation is a failure waiting to happen. Hiring a professional standard floor grinder and HEPA silica dust control including testing equipment are all required when attempting to DIY epoxy floor coating.     

If you feel you have the technical know how and you are component with what can go wrong, fabulous. All we say is this, it costs more to get it right the second time round and really not an economical approach.  

Options For Your Flake Epoxy Flooring Mango Hill

Flake epoxy flooring is a combination of resin coatings to adhere and secure small acrylic floor flake chips cast in. Ultimate Floors use various flooring resins for different situations. 

For example, 100% solids epoxy emits low odours at the time of application. Hardening time is dependent on air / surface temperatures and epoxy floor coating thickness.

With choices for fast curing floor resins and a broader range of epoxy flake floor colours, our installations aren’t based on a square metre cost, the process is specific to the area where your epoxy coating Mango Hill is installed.  

Decorative flake epoxy flooring is highly desirable for those who require an extremely durable surface to withstand the abrasion floors receive. 

epoxy flooring in Mango Hill
Outstanding durability for workshops and sheds with our high build epoxy floor coating installation is focused on the flooring resin being securely bonded. Preparing your floor epoxy coating is based on concrete quality and concrete condition. Common items such as crack treatment and back filling divots or surface damage need to be included for a seamless floor finish.

Why DIY flake epoxy floor can be a costly

Epoxy floor coating tends to have a DIY appeal for what may appear to be a quick and easy finish. It is common to see cheap garage floor epoxy last a year or two. A few reasons why DIY epoxy coatings fail.

  1. Incorrectly preparing the surface is the number one reason of failures.
  2. Low quality resins generally suffer from peeling from hot tyre heat transfer.
  3. QA Checks for alkalinity and moisture

Choosing Ultimate Floors attention to detail epoxy flooring in Mango Hill or epoxy flooring in Griffin ensures the floor resin stays well bonded as intended for long term performance.

Using acid as a the preparation is a failure waiting to happen for many reasons as mentioned earlier. Australian Standards and resin flooring manufactures simply don’t recommend acid etch clean as a suitable preparation base. For this reason, Ultimate Floors carries out a complete concrete grinding process or shot blasting for all epoxy flake flooring in Ningi and Griffin locations. 

  1. Checks for moisture and PH / alkalinity levels (Advise on remedial works as required)
  2. Repair / patch divots and cracks  
  3. Floor Preparation
  4. Moisture barrier or crack bridging polyurea as per site requirements
  5. Clear or coloured primer coat where #4 above is not required 
  6. Base Colour plus Flake Chip
  7. Clear away excess broad cast flake, vacuum
  8. Clear Polyurethane Top Coats (1 coat option to save on initial installation)  2 clear coats is recommended, we can discuss with you in more detail where required
  9. Epoxy flake flooring installation can be customised to suit a smooth living area floor or non-slip outdoor concrete finish

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