Stunning Polished Concrete Floors Brisbane

Generally speaking, polished concrete floors Brisbane seems like a simple job to some. However the process for a premium quality finish takes special concrete grinding and polishing knowledge. Furthermore, a keen eye to read each concrete floor is important for the best results.   

Once you have seen how much care and time we put in to craft your floor, the installation cost will be better understood. From an initial consulting process we can draft a budget. Each concrete polishing Brisbane job is different for many reasons such as style or look, area size and investment budget. Thereafter, your quote estimate is specific to your desired requirements for your home or business from a local north Brisbane concrete polishing contractor.

Quality & Durability Built In

Creating and designing that perfect indoor polished concrete floor for your home or office can get confusing right! Therefore Ultimate Floors informs our customers our points of difference from long term established concrete polishers Brisbane.

You have probably seen different polished concrete floors Brisbane and like the look but don’t really understand the differences.  Also our experience says polished concrete is misunderstood as a cheap residential flooring option. 

Sure there are cheaper grind and seal options, however it is important you know Ultimate Floors will always provide premium quality options unless you tells us otherwise. 

In providing high industry standards, our estimates from concrete polishers Brisbane and surrounding regions are commonly based on the following:

  • New construction slabs
  • Renovation of existing floors
  • Tailored design & delivery according to individual project needs.
  • Job specific requirements and floor area quantities.
  • Concrete quality & condition
  • Adherence to relevant Australian Standards
  • Installation & technical assistance by Trade Certified Flooring Technicians
  • Husqvarna Polished Concrete Accredited Contractor

Concrete Polishing Floors In Homes

Concrete polishing floors in homes is a really good choice.

Flooring such as carpets, vinyl planks, floating timber or laminate floors all have negative aspects. Generally carpets harbour dust mites & bacteria. Timber and laminate tend to swell & peak simply because they just don’t like lots of water.

Existing homes have many hurdles to overcome in comparison to building a new one. In short, the best time to do an existing floor is with other renovation work. As an example, before fitting a new kitchen.  

There are lots of small moving parts to make polished concrete floors Brisbane all work smoothly. In the meantime, get in touch to brief us about your residential project so we can advise accordingly. 

Commercial office floors are usually covered with carpet. Retail stores can have a variety of floor coverings.  Supermarkets have been vinyl floors for many many years. These various floor coverings have many underlying faults and need ongoing maintenance. And more importantly, the ecological effects these flooring materials produce from manufacturing and installation in comparison to polished concrete will surprise you.

Generally speaking commercial spaces face high traffic. Heavy wear and damage occurs from pallet jacks and forklifts. This can be a challenge when it comes to selecting a flooring system. The varied demands for a durable long-lasting, easy to maintenance and extremely low replacement {RE-POLISH} cost floor finish is solved.

Furthermore, our mechanical polished concrete floors are crafted to be super durable as a supermarket floor or visually uplifting larger office spaces. Regardless, durability and long life are paramount to fulfill levels of performance traditional floor coverings will not provide.

Likewise, Ultimate Floors concrete polishing Brisbane caters to both smaller and large commercial and retail shop floors. Generally new construction builds have challenges that differ to a renovation project. As an example, a supermarket that remains operational is a complete package we excel at.  Understanding your goals leads to recommendations to improve working with other trades.

As a rule, every aspect of fixtures happens from the floor up. For this reason, other services need to be mindful of their timing with mechanical polished concrete floors. Quite often our site project management is liaising with other trades to ensure timelines are hit. In brief, Ultimate Floors takes care of every aspect from uplifting any existing floor coverings then weaving our magic to the concrete below. In conclusion, an extremely durable retail or supermarket floor is produced.

Range of concrete grinding and polishing systems including complete floor preparation services for new or renovating projects.


• Mechanical Polished Concrete
• Grind & Seal Polished Concrete
Concrete Honing
Concrete Sealing
Flake Flooring
• Epoxy Floors
• Polyurethane Floor Coatings
• Industrial Epoxy Workshop Floors
• Extensive Specification Drafting
• Consulting & Trouble Shooting
Complete Floor Preparation
General Concrete Grinding
• Install Floor Levelers
• Floor stripping removal & existing floor finishes
• Captive shot blasting surface preparation 
• Honing & preparing concrete floor for epoxy clear coats 
• Concrete planing / Scarifying high spot reduction

Levels of Stone Exposure

Industrial Look Surface Polish - Nil to Low Stone

Usually this industrial finish is our most requested process these days.  This finish is also minimal to zero exposing of aggregates. 

Furthermore, a perfect balance between function and cost effectiveness and therefore ideal for larger areas such as warehouses, aircraft hangars and smaller to large retail stores.

Process relies heavily on the condition and finish of the concrete floor. In this case, a blemish free surface is not possible without jumping up to the commercial finish. Regardless of blemishes, the result is a hard wearing floor that is visually unique.

Commercial Finish - Random / Partial Stone

Compared to the industrial finish, random stone exposed is certainly a balance between function and uniqueness. Perfect for lower to mid- gloss finishes. Revealed aggregates are low to medium levels where compared to full cut premium finish.

Likewise, commercial polished concrete floors Brisbane is for indoors only Ideal for any new and existing warehouses.  Likewise a perfect balance for retail floors, office spaces, show rooms and residential homes.

As a rule, performance properties are built in. Treatments are permanent adding years of durable long term use to the concrete floor. Also this level of polished floor is commonly a low to medium gloss sheen.

In addition to a reflective and unique floor,  cleaning and low maintenance are some of the many benefits Commercial Finish will support.

Premium polished concrete floors Brisbane is a high end application with full aggregate exposed. Skilled concrete grinding and polishing technicians create super flat floors. Generally completed at our medium to highly reflective sheen level.

Maybe your new premium finish might just get your friends and family excited as well. We must emphasis, a premium finish creates that “WOW factor you will be proud to show off. 

As a rule, you would select where high performance and a strong visual presence is more you.  Furthermore the ideal solution for most existing residential renovations. Also perfect for architecturally designed new homes.

Finally a perfect solution to retail showrooms and foyers. As a result, high performance and visually impacting results will be expected.

"FAQ's - Guidelines To Get You Started"

Concrete floor polishing cost is the most asked question. Read on for a better understanding how concrete floor polishing cost estimates are calculated.

As with any construction work, cost can & does vary greatly according to the desired process, level of refinement, and/or applied finish. Existing work can cost up to 30% more than new work.

Job size, site access and complexity, edge work, stairs or any other restrictions are all factors in determining what the concrete floor polishing cost estimated price may be.

We are committed to give our fit for purpose outcomes. Your requirements and your predetermined budget must also be realistically. Something perceived as being complicated and expensive may be straight forward for us and what is considered easy and quick may not be that way at all. Easiest way to find out is to ask!

For example – Concrete floor polishing cost for areas less than 35 square metres are based on minimum value. Set up fees can apply from time to time.

Ultimately, you are only limited by the condition of the concrete floor. Repairs and improvements of the concrete may be necessary. 

For example; Extensively damaged concrete may not be the best candidate. Softer concrete consumes a lot more product and materials. In these instances, we highly recommend our On-site Sample Service in order to determine what will be required.

The team at Ultimate Floors works closely with you at every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome.  In addition, guidance to prevent any potential issues and protecting the finished floor from damage is part of our service. 

We take great care to protect our reputation as a leading provider of high quality honed and polished concrete. So whilst we will never cut corners, even at a client’s request, we ensure you receive the best possible advice and return of investing with Ultimate Floors.

The wide range of mechanical polished and top coated concrete floor polishing costs offers varied levels of performance, visual appeal and maintenance requirements. Certainly, it is possible to put a process together to be comparable with lower to high quality tiles.

The biggest difference is the ecological and environmental aspects that our products like Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR® provides while contributing to cleaner indoor air quality.

Grout in tiles can become mouldy, dirty and stained over a short period of time. That white or light brown grout you initially chose can soon become a dark brown, especially where pets and children are present!

The porous nature of grout means it can become a breeding ground for mould, mildew and bacteria within your home. Polished concrete is a sealed floor system so these possible issues are simply not present.

Plan your project early.

Choose your concrete supplier, colour type and aggregates to be used. If there are to be customised features like glass, shells, brass, logos, feature strips and decorative cuts, consider arranging these features early.

Having a process specification drafted for your project is recommended to ensure you are getting the process and outcome you are investing in.

Existing concrete; before fitout of kitchens or  fixtures – Skirtings and door architraves –  Final painting.
For new concrete, we offer three residential options;

  • (1) Dependent on process selected, after 10 to 14 days for mechanical polished  concrete to 28 days for topical polished concrete ( coated finish ) after concrete placement for initial work then honing and polishing stages completed after building is water tight. We do not recommend deep grinding early. First 4 days is where attention to slowing hydration is important. Moisture curing is by far the most effective. 
  • (2) After framing – lock up stage: The roof is on and plaster board has been fixed and set.
  • (3) Pre-cut where walls will be 3 to 4 days after concrete placement. After building is water tight and plaster board has been fixed and set is finished – the concrete polishing process is then completed.

The latter is our most common request and has proven to be a good balance for builder and fit off trades alike. For more detailed information on our recommended approach and why it just works…  get in touch.

For commercial projects; timing will be adjusted to in accordance to the extent of works involved, the construction program and determined in consultation with associated trades and Project Management.

From a concrete floor polishing cost perspective, Ultimate Floors are specialists in what we do. Concrete contractors are specialists in concrete placement and finishing. 

With that being said, it is really important the concreter is aware the floor will be polished. Furthermore, following industry guidelines and our recommendations

Concrete slab cracks can come from a combination of things. Slab design, concrete blend, placement, incorrect curing and weather conditions on the day of slab construction.  Adhering to fit for purpose concrete slab design and having us place crack control cuts to relieve stress during the initial curing period reduce the random shrinkage cracks appearing.

When doing a new slab, let your concreter know that the concrete slab will be honed or polished so they can add the appropriate precautionary measures in preparing and finishing your slab to the required standards. Ultimate Floors are comfortable working directly with your concrete contractor / builder in order to minimise any risks and discuss precautions.

External pavement work differs to internal areas and are in the Honed Concrete category.  As you can imagine, the grinding stages in the process are necessary to ensure a safe transit surface when water wet.  

External areas generally are 2 or 3 grinding stages with a choice of 3 types of surface protectors. It is recommended, surface slip co-efficiency be considered when selecting a finish and suggest impregnating sealer be the final stage. Impregnating sealer protects the surface while not altering the micro texture provided during the honing process. 

Absolutely, many fantastic outcomes have resulted from refurbishments. Once again there are many variables, knowing more about your environment and ideal result is the first step.

First and foremost, care needs to be taken when attempting removal of hard materials like floor tiles, timber or any other direct to concrete floor covering. Carpet and vinyl flooring are simpler to manage and therefore risk of damage is minor. Talk to us about your individual requirements and to find out about the care required for floor covering removal and general floor preparation.

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